My name's Anika, and I make plushies. I've loved sewing since I was a little girl, and I would (often inadvisably) use whatever material I could get my hands on to make the things I thought of.

These days, all growed up, I can buy stuff like minky and fleece to make my plushies, and hopefully that makes the results considerably better!

If you have any questions about my plushies (and other things), please do ask. You can see things in the making over at Scribblemuffin, my work in progress blog, and if you like the stuff you see, I hope you'll head on over to my Etsy store

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We’ve just returned from Castlefest and will be uploading the photoshoot pictures of Pinkie Pie later today. For now, enjoy Big Mac with one of the neighbor’s cats who decided she rather loved him too.

This Big Macintosh belongs to us - we’ll be making him chunkier the next time :D